"Neal Hock is on par with the professional proofreaders I worked with in New York. A keen eye with loving attention to detail."
Scott Nicholson, best-selling author of Liquid Fear, Disintegration, Creative Spirit, and The Skull Ring

"After putting ten books through the traditional publishing process, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of good editorsand Neal Hock is a match for any of them. I couldn’t ask for greater attention to detail, his care and thoroughness is second to none. I will be using him for all my books from now on."
Mark Chisnell, best-selling author of The Wrecking Crew, The Defector, and The Fulcrum Files

"Neal Hock did such an outstanding job polishing my latest thriller that I sent him a previously self-published work of mine and plan to use him for every one of my books that follow. He's affordable and has a keen eye for detail, two things that I need as an indie author. Thanks, Neal!"
Jeff Bennington, best-selling author of Reunion and Twisted Vengeance

"Neal Hock did an outstanding job proofreading the manuscript of my second novel, An Uncommon Family. His careful attention to detail, his command of the language, and his many helpful suggestions improved the quality of my book. I can highly recommend him!"
Christa Polkinhorn, author of An Uncommon Family, Love of a Stonemason, and Path of Fire

"Thorough, accurate, dependable, and affordable. What more could you ask?  Neal Hock sweats the details so you don’t have to. He’s my proofreader/copyeditor of choice. He should be yours, too."
R.E. McDermott, best-selling author of Deadly Straits

"Wowrock-star edits!"
Jenna Anderson, best-selling author of Healing Touch and Off Leash