'Til or Till?

The form til is commonly used in casual writing, but if you’re writing for publication, the preferred word is till, the perfectly acceptable preposition and conjunction. It’s rather peculiar that til has become common in casual writing. Some people may believe that it’s a contraction of until, but that simply doesn’t stand up when you look at age of the words. Till is older than until, so there has never been a reason to contract until, since till was already available. If you’re writing to self-publish or to submit to publishers, you should cast aside the form til and use the perfectly established forms of till and until.
  • She won’t be home till four o’clock.
  • Wait until he finishes using the hammer.
  • I stood there till my legs couldn’t take any more.
  • Until you listen, you’ll never understand.
  • I’m going to party till the cows come home.